1. How to make a purchase from the online shop slodkiwierzynek.pl?
To make a purchase from the online shop slodkiwierzynek.pl a five-step form needs to be completed i.e. Log in, Address, Shipping, Summary, Payment. The necessaryconditionis the approval of becomingacquainted with the Terms and Conditions.

2. How can I contactcustomer service of the shop?
Feelfree to contactususing the form at the website of the shop in the Contactsectionordirectly to e-mail: delikatesy@slodkiwierzynek.pl

3. Is the registrationrequired to make a purchase?
No. Youcanmakepurchaseswithoutregistration. To contact the customer service of the shop and to deliver the shipmentitisnecessary to providean e-mail address and the deliveryaddress.

4. Can I get a discount?
Yes, we offerourcustomersoccasionaldiscounts. Theycan be obtained by followingourpromotionalcampaigns in social media, as well as taking part in competitions. We inviteyou to visitourFacebookandInstagramprofile.

5. Isthere a possibility of personalcollection?
Yes, youcanpickup your order in a stationary shop at:
Kraków, Rynek Główny 15.

6. Whyexpirydates of products aresoshort?
Our products aremademanuallyaccording to traditionalrecipes, usingonly the finestnaturalingredients. To makechocolate we do not useanypreservativesorartificialflavourenhancers, so the shelf life of our products is less than in manyother stores.

7. Do youacceptorders for customized products?
Yes. To place an order for customized products, pleasefill in the contact form on the Contactsection. We willprepare a customized order according to your requirements.

8. Can I add a notecard to my order?
Certainly. By placingan order, justmakesuch a request of adding the note and writing the text. The textwill be placed on an elegant notecard, whichwill be added to the order and sent to the recipient.

9. How can I pay?
Youcanpay in threeways for the purchased products in our shop:
- prepayment-payment by a bank transfer
- payment system Przelewy24
- cash on delivery - paying the employee of the couriercompanywhilecollecting the order
- on personalcollection in a stationary shop

10. Whatis the standard order processingtime?
All products aremademanually in ourChocolateManufacture, so the deliverytime with the shipmentmaytakeup to 7 workingdays.